ATRunner is….

For the love of trail running.  We train to keep our bodies and our minds healthy so we love our time on the trail; whether it be during a race, on a vacation, a spur of the moment trail on a business trip, or out our backyard.

Here at ATRunner our mission is to help you get to know yourself and what your body needs to be healthy and strong on the trail.  Learn your anatomy, your biomechanics, your imbalances and take note of how it all translates to your level of enjoyment while you run.  ATRunner wants to provide you with the knowledge necessary to pinpoint those nagging pains and postural imbalances so you can communicate effectively to those individuals who can help you correct, build, and perform.        

ATRunner isn’t here to tell you how to train, or how to win, we’re here to help you get to know yourself so your training, your racing, and your adventures are as awesome and fulfilling as you had hoped.   

Once you are balanced and strong, ATRunner has everything you could possibly want when looking for the perfect trail adventure to plan.  Our ATR Girls are your new best trail buddies.  You’ll get to know them through their adventures and lessons-in-life.  They’ll help you plan your next adventure, let you in on the secret trail that only the locals know about, and if you want to run on your own, they’ll meet up with you after for some pizza and beer, or whatever it is that you drink and eat. 

ATRunner is...your new trail family.      




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